Adit Resources’ vision is to create value for shareholders and stakeholders by achieving positive cash flow and maintaining a pipeline of high-quality precious metal properties to sustain a leading low-cost mid-tier producer.

Initially, Adit Resources is focused on exploration and development of the Picacho gold property in Sonora, Mexico with a goal of having inferred resources by early 2011 and be in production by late 2012. In an effort to concurrently progress multiple projects, reduce risk, and minimize future capital requirements, Adit will also consider beneficial partnerships.

Our timeline is as follows:

2010 – Establish Picacho as a viable resource for future production.

  • Complete exploration drilling of the 1.5 km Picacho Vein.
  • Complete targeting and prospect drilling of the remaining 7 km of veins.
  • Acquire additional high quality properties to fill the exploration pipeline.
  • Raise capital to advance projects and continue strategic acquisitions.
  • Complete public listing for Adit Resources Corp. shares.

2011 – Establish Picacho development scenarios.

  • Complete development drilling of the 1.5 km Picacho Vein.
  • Complete accelerated sequence of scoping ? pre-feasibility ? feasibility.
  • Complete exploration drilling of the 7 km of veins at Picacho.
  • Complete prospect drilling of a second property.
  • Continue acquisition of high quality properties.

2012 – Establish Adit as a producer.

  • Initiate phased production at Picacho.
  • Establish organic and accretive cash flow growth.
  • Continue the exploration pipeline process.
  • List on senior exchange towards full valuation and enhanced exposure.

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